Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2011 Call for Entries

photo © Jaime Jordan 2007
Santa Fe Independent Film Festival is calling innovative, original and independent filmmakers for submissions! The contests ends in September but the regular deadine is this Friday, July 15th. The later you enter the higher entry fee you have to pay. Only films that were completed without funding from any major studio are eligible.
Do you often submit movies/videos in order to win a contest? I have to say I'm a bit shy to be on a camera ;)


  1. what is the prize for the winning submission ?

  2. hmm... thanks for asking :) it looks like the winning films will be shown at the 2011 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival in October but there is no compensation for the screening.I sent them a question to find out for sure!

  3. prizes in 5 Categories donated by local businesses