Monday, August 1, 2011

Albuquerque Indoor Karting 50% off!

1955 Ford Thunderbird ©  J. Jordan 2009
Are you into kart racing? Now you can buy a gift certificate for Albuquerque Indoor Karting that is 50% off! It never expires but it's a limited time offer. So if you're interested go to the AIK Store on their Facebook page. You need to log in and Like to get this deal! Oh! And if you sign up for their email you get a free race during your birthday month!
Do you know other birthday deals?
So glad you joined us, Lenijay!


  1. After signing up for newsletters I got birthday emails with a free breakfast from Einstein Bros Bagels and Mimi's Cafe! I know Krispy Kreme has some deal too but I think I signed up too late -it was about 2 weeks before my birthday and didn't get any was a dozen doughnuts. Free food is good! :-)

  2. AIK is so much fun ! If you've ever wondered about go-kart racing, this 50% off g/c would be a great excuse to go check AIK out. It's the closest thing most of us will get to real racing, and it's much safer :-) I need to go race more myself, but I wish I could loose 30lbs first haha.

  3. although not really my cup of tea, I've always heard that Denny's will give you a free meal on your birthday. I think I remember trying it out when I was a student back in like '92 and it worked--not sure if it's still that way. Anyone try to get a free meal at Denny's on their birthday ?

  4. AIK gives you a deal for the whole month which is really cool especially if your friend has his/her birthday in the same month!

  5. the offer is valid until August 19th