Friday, September 23, 2011

Rich Ford NM Rockstars - Contest Winners!

photo © J. Jordan 2011
So this is going to be my most memorable win :-) Not every day you get a chance to have a 2012 Ford Mustang GT  parked in your driveway! How did it happen? All thank to Rich Ford New Mexico car dealership and their Twitter contest! We feel really privileged to be given a chance to drive a car of our choice for a week! It's going to be a fun adventure and I hope you enjoy pictures and videos we will be uploading on Rich Ford's site, The Frugal Burqueno FB page, You Tube channel and Flickr!


  1. Big, big congrats!! Good for you!! Enjoy your rockstar week!

  2. Thanks Lynn for always commenting :) My husband is soooo excited about this car. But I have to admit it makes a huge Impression!