Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Balloon Memories” contest winner!

When you are looking for creative contests to enter always check with our local TV stations. For example there are always some ongoing contests on KRQE News 13 . During the Balloon Fiesta they asked to submit the 'Balloon Memories' so I tried (a few times) and I won on the last day! It made me very happy because I loved the prize pack and I proved to myself I am able to win an essay contest even though English is not my first language! One of my favorite items that I won was the book called The World Comes to Albuquerque. I really wanted to have it! I decided to share my prize with my family so everyone got something they liked :) A big thank you to Jeremy Felipe who was very kind to wait for me when I was running late to pick up my prize! I always like going to the tv stations because I can run into some local personalities and this time I saw Kim Vallez who is one of my favorites! And what's your favorite local celebrity?

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