Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best Time To Set Up Meetings - Lesson Learned !

photo  © J. Jordan 2007
Last Saturday I was planning to meet some local bloggers so I scheduled the time (3:00) and the place (Flying Star). I didn't meet anybody but sitting there, sipping my coffee and watching the place I made an observation that is going to help me improve my planning skills and save my time in a long run :) When I arrived at the Flying Star on a busy Saturday afternoon around 3 o'clock, there were so many people that the only tables left were those round ones for 2, in the middle of the room. Around 3:30 most of the crowd was gone! And at  3:45 it looked almost empty. I realized  that when we set up a meeting we tend to arrange it on the hour : Oh, let's meet at 2, at 3, at 7, etc., we say. But when it comes to busy, popular places why not to schedule to get together at 2:30, 3:30, 7:30, etc? :-) Just a thought :)
Do you have any time-saving tips? When is the best time to go shopping?


  1. The best time to go shopping is Monday morning - the least amount of crowds then. :)

  2. Good idea!Hmmm... maybe on Monday morning they have some after weekend sales as well :-) Thanks for sharing, Lynn! And thank you for helping me with the voting contest!