Monday, October 17, 2011

Contests and spam

photo  © J. Jordan 2007
This morning I got a spam email asking for my private information in order to unblock my Wells Fargo account. Normally I would ignore that (I'm not even their customer) but I felt like I had to protect Burquenos so I reported that email and tweeted about it. When I enter contests I always use a separate email account and even though most sponsors claim they won't sell your email address, somehow it ended up on the wrong list. Don't enter every contest. If it looks too good to be true, reconsider signing up. In Poland we play contests where you have to DO something in order to win: come up with a creative entry or answer a trivia question. It was in the US where I came across sweepstakes when you just  fill out a form (I like those that only ask for an email, don't like those asking for my birthday) and hope to get lucky. I have a hard time believing or understanding that someone can give me something for FREE. It's a different style of playing to the one I was used to but people do win big! But if it looks too good, I don't enter. It depends if the sponsor is well known, if the site has followers, sometimes I would do a google search. Follow your instincts :) Read the contest rules (it would be a bummer to win something you can't claim). Check your spam folder from time to time because sometimes prize notifications end up there. I lost a DVD I won from Weekly Alibi. It came as spam and I answered back a week later (well, I was in the maternity ward!) but never got my prize. I emailed again and finally gave up :)
These were some random thoughts connected with entering contests. Hope I didn't discourage anybody! Good luck and come back to tell us what you won!

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