Sunday, October 16, 2011

Young & Free New Mexico - local blog

I won!
Frugal Burqueños should definitely know about Michelle Peterson's blogYoung & Free New Mexico, which is powered by The Credit Unions of New Mexico, offers  many tips on saving money and living a frugal life! What I found very interesting was the collection of the spokespeople's best money-saving blog posts which cover topis like: auto (for example: 9 ways to save money at the pump), banking, budgeting (for ex.: I have some budget tips for you), college & university (for ex.: Save money on back to school shopping; Three ways to save on textbooks), credit (for ex.: Credit Cards: Good or Evil?), dept, dining (for ex.: video Save $$ at the grocery store; Sneaky ways to eat out and save), entertainment (for ex.: Save money at the movies), financial planning (for ex.: The importance of saving early), housing, insurance, saving (for ex.: Save money with snail mail; video DIY cleaning supplies; Save money on your cell phone bill), shopping (for ex.: The art of looking good for cheap) and travel (for ex.: Thrifty Thursday: Plane tickets).
I need to take my time to read them carefully so we can all discuss the best tips together :)
Last but not least, if you sign up for e-updates from the blog you can win a $50 gift card!
So go and check out Michelle's blog and learn from it! But most of all, enjoy it :-)

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