Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Radio Contests

photo © J. Jordan 2006
I'm back! (technical difficulties) So what is going on in the contest world? Of course plenty of giveaways around! Check all the local radio stations and local tv stations! 100.3 The Peak is running their Xmas cash giveaway called Win Holiday Cash ($1000 for the 20th caller! They are also giving away gift cards to Coronado Mall (You Shop With Our Money) where you need to enter daily and call back within 10 minutes if they call your name on air. At first I was too shy calling radio stations. I was afraid I will not understand something (once again, I am Polish) and make a fool of myself. But I did try to call a few times - the number was busy (of course! who wouldn't like $1000?). Have you ever won a contest where you had to be a caller of a given number? Any tips? Thanks in advance!

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