Monday, December 19, 2011

Save Money on Gift Wrapping!

Good job, Jaime! Is it for me? ;-)
This year I'm taking a different, more artistic approach to gift wrapping. I'd like to pack presents in an original, more creative way. It's not only about being cheap. I think that handmade and and recycled gift wraps are much more interesting! Michelle from Young and Free New Mexico blogged about a few good ideas: using the newspaper, brown packaging paper (which we can decorate ourselves) or putting a present in a shoebox.  My husband came up with a cool idea of using pictures cut out from magazines to personalize his gifts. In the picture above, he used regular wrapping paper, covered with tissue paper, foil and a picture of a belt he found in the paper. I'm thinking of reusing calendar pages, magazine posters ( I love maps- great for travel gifts) and some fabric. Other interesting ideas are  putting a ring inside of a walnut shell or placing a Christmas sock over a wine bottle. How do you wrap your gifts?


  1. The most frugal wrapping paper I remember was my wife's auntie that used the gift wrapping from gifts she received in years past to wrap this years presents. You knew it was from her auntie because it smelled like cigarettes because she smoked like a train. It didn't smell good, but at least she saved money on wrapping paper.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kevin! Quite a story! Gift wraps can be as exciting as gifts themselves ;) It's good I don't smoke ;-)

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