Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Win an Exclusive Dinner in Santa Fe!

photo courtesy of the Inn on the Alameda
Do you have a favorite Santa Fe Restaurant? Describe (in 30 words or less) why you like it so much and you could win a $200 gift certificate to enjoy a dinner there! The Restaurant Contest is sponsored by the Inn on the Alameda and we can enter on their Facebook page. The winner will be a person whose entry receives the most likes. One lucky voter will also receive a $100 gift certificate to a favorite Santa Fe dining spot. One entry per person is allowed . The contest ends on January 1st 2012 but don't wait if you want to win. Enter today and get your friends and family vote for you! As for Dec 13th, there are 21 entries and the number of likes to beat is 12. I like the idea of this contest and I would encourage you to try your luck. It's tempting to enter but it was just yesterday when I was asking everyone to vote for me! But I would love to be the lucky voter so please leave a comment if I can help :-)


  1. I entered this one the other day!! I found it because I was already their friend on facebook. I'm not going to ask anyone to vote for me this time though haha I think it might be too soon! My facebook friends need a break from me bothering them!

  2. I understand :-) Why won't you enter the one I won from Young and Free New Mexico ? :-)