Saturday, January 14, 2012

How I Became a Better Couponer!

Danya, thank You for sharing!
This morning I went to the class on couponing and smart shopping that was taught by my friend Payje from Things You Want to Know, Places You Want to Go. It was really an eye opening experience. I didn't realize how much money we can save using coupons in a smart was. It's s skill and there are tricks to be learned :-) A good way to start is watching some Youtube tutorials! I didn't know that Walmart takes Costco coupons, that I can get a monthly coupon booklet from a cashier in Walgreens or that it's possible to get a Sunday paper for 50 cents in the evening :-) I'm going to sign up for more freebies and check out new websites! Thanks so much everyone who joined the class and shared their experience. It was a pleasure meeting everyone. Good luck with couponing!

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