Monday, January 16, 2012

Kiss Cam & NM Hottest Chick Photo Contests

Photo © Jaime Jordan 2009
Wow, these contests cracked me up! Show your kiss and you could win a $2000 shopping spree in The Peak's Kiss Cam Photo Contest  (categories: couple kiss, solo kiss, kid kiss and pet kiss). Upload your photo for a chance to win $1000 or upload a picture of someone else (you win $500 and she wins $500, "The girl must know you are taking her photo and sadly, no nudity allowed. They must be wearing at least bra and panties", " be on the lookout for hot chicks..waitresses, bartenders, etc..") in the 94 Rock New Mexico's Hottest Chick Contest. In both cases the winners will be determined by the number of VOTES they receive. Well, the websites, for sure, will get a lot of viewers ;-)  This is not my kind of a contest and I'm kind of shocked by this. I'm curious about your opinions!

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