Monday, January 23, 2012

Who Is a Frugal Burqueño?

Image courtesy of Professor Bryant
If you try to live a frugal life, if you want to spend your money well, if you look for deals, if you use coupons, if you enter contests, if you like freebies, if you live locallyYou Are a Frugal Burqueño! Since I saw my first roadrunner after I moved here in January 2009, I've been in love with these mischievious creatures. My Uncle Howard knows my weird hobby of collecting roadrunner figurines so the image above (and  the one used in the banner) was what he came up with when I asked him to sketch something I could put on my blog. I absolutely love it and it fits here perfectly! My little friend is running around to share his money saving tips, announce local giveaways or tell you about a deal he spotted. He loves to tweet and he shows up on Facebook, too. Thank you so much, Howard! The credits also go to Charles (who actually named my site) and to my husband Jaime who encouraged me to start blogging about something I'm passionate about. He's been helping me out with technical stuff (the banner for instance) since the beginning. Last but not least, thank You my Friends for stopping by!


  1. I must fit this category because this describes me to a "T"! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. And, yes, please feel free to feature my post on storage drawers. Following you back. Have a great day!

  2. Very nice blog. We have many of the same interests. I will definately be back. :)