Thursday, January 5, 2012

Won a Shower Makeover !

Family owned & operated since 1989
This was simply incredible! I won a complete shower makeover from Yourson valued at $800! I posted about this local contest back in the summer and entered my picture just a few hours before the deadline. Imagine my surprise when in December I found out I was one of the finalists! We were over the moon when after a short bathroom inspection I was notified I was the winner!  We did need a shower remodel and were  putting this job off trying to do it ourselves. We're glad we didn't touch anything! The guys from Yourson did an excellent job. They worked hard as water damage turned out to be worse than expected - they had to take some tiles off to run a blower (I called it working behind the scene). They fixed the wall next to the shower, painted it, sealed the whole shower area neatly, changed fixtures (so they won't  leak any more) and painted the shower pan. It was A LOT of work! What a huge upgrade for our house!  
Thank you Yourson for making our Christmas wish come true!
I'm so glad I read about this contest in NMMarketPlace - find me in their Jan issue!
Have you ever won a makeover of any sort? What kind of makeover would you like to win?


  1. Congrats again!!! We need before and after pics, hehe :)

  2. We got New Mexico MarketPlace magazine today and we're the featured winners :-) there are pictures before and after :) you can check the online version page 42!