Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Feel Like a Confident Shopper

Thank you Sierra!
Sunflower Market parking lot, Albuquerque

So now I have a coupon binder :-) But how to carry it comfortably around with a baby in my arms? The answer is very simple: use a tote! Not only does it save you money (at Sunflower you get a 10 cents discount and at Smith's you earn 5 points  per each bag you bring!) but it's also friendly for the environment ! When I got this beautiful tote from Sierra Trading Post I instantly loved it because green is my favorite color. Then I saw the big pocket in front and discovered it holds my coupon binder perfectly! This made me feel like a smart, confident and happy shopper!
If you'd like to win a tote, a tee or other goodies they are giving away for their 25th anniversary, follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook! They appreciate their fans and I'm definitely one of them :-)


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