Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Voting Contests - Enter Or Not ?

Lucky shamrock © J. Jordan 2010
It seems to me that voting contests are the most popular now. I actually avoid this kind of contests. They are tough to win. I find it difficult to ask my friends and family to make an effort, take their time and vote for me. Tomorrow I'll be announced one of ten finalists  in an online contest on Facebook. The prize is spectacular. It would be easy to get intimidated and not even try to win. But I can't give up so easily and I decided I will be asking everyone to vote for my entry :-). I also decided to start a Voting Request Page on my blog so our readers can let us know if they need some support!
What's your opinion about voting contests? Do you enter them? Are they fair? What do you do to get votes?


  1. I tried to win one voting contest once, but I found it to be more of a popularity contest, rather than based on the work. I wish you luck on your contest. @madbros01

    1. Thanks! I will need it :-) And I totally understand. I hope we can find many creative contests to enter where the winner is chosen by a panel of judges :-)

  2. I find that they are hard work and very difficult to win. I help other people out by voting, but I hate to ask people to vote for me. I worked and worked to get 10 people to join the Orbitz 50 Faves on facebook, so I could enter for a London giveaway. But I finally got the 10. http://tinyurl.com/6u5chuu

    If you need me to vote for you for anything, please just let me know.
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  3. I don't even know what a voting contest is...i know must be living under a rock! good luck! i am lucky though...won a car and vacation...maybe I should try contests!!

  4. wow, congrats!! you are very lucky!