Monday, March 19, 2012

413 {Sparrow} Lane - guest post

Hi there! My name is Misty and I am a WAHM, wife, and the one responsible for 413 {Sparrow} Lane! I was born and raised in beautiful New Mexico and this is where my husband and boys (ages 2 and 4) make our lives! 413 {Sparrow} Lane is a blog that features all things thrifty and DIY. I am a firm believer in saving money in many different ways and one of those is simply Doing-It-Yourself! Let me share with you a few ways that I save money by being a do-it-yourself'er:
  • Renovation: There are so many fabulous blogs, sites and tutorials out there! You can learn to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING through the internet! If you have a teachable spirit and determination, you too can Do-It-Yourself! For example, right now I am in the process of re-finishing my kitchen cabinets. Now, I have NEVER done anything like this, but I found a fantastic tutorial online and figure why not give it a shot! After all, new cabinets can cost upwards of $9,000 and I can redo ALL of my cabinets AND hardware for much less than $800 or so! That in itself is savings of over $8,200! Whew, that's a lot of bones I would much rather spend elsewhere :-D Check out the process here!
  • Home Decor: I LOVE beautiful home decor... but eeeks! It is SO expensive! Pinterest is amazing and I find so many great ideas on there! Find some fun ideas that you would love to have in your home and PIN IT! Typically you can find a great tutorial via Pinterest if not, Google it! Don't waste your time trying to figure out on your own how to create it! Chances are some brilliant mind has already done it for you! With 2 small boys (ages 4 and 2) here at home, my time is a precious resource and the last thing I want to do is rack my brain trying to figure out how to re-create something. Don't try to re-invent the wheel! Checkout my blog for tutorials on re-purposing and re-finishing items. (here I refinished a shelf using Elmer's glue)
  • Wardrobe: There are so many ways to stretch your dollar when it comes to your wardrobe! I rarely have the luxury of purchase "new" clothes (or even gently used ones for that matter). So, in order to keep my wardrobe looking fresh, I only buy neutral "core" pieces (blouses, slacks, jackets). By neutral I mean; tans, greys, black, white and brown. These core pieces will last a long time if you take care of them, and it's much cheaper to throw color into your wardrobe with the use of accessories! I LOVE jewelry and it is the most cost effective way to update a wardrobe, checkout this fun tutorial on stretching your $ with jewelry HERE. You can take the same simple outfit of jeans and a black blouse from day to night simply by changing your jewelry. I highly recommend hosting a "jewelry party" and getting your jewelry for FREE! Everyone loves FREE! Check Premier Designs to find a jeweler near you! (I am highly biased as I am a Premier Designs jeweler BUT I have saved so much money by simply owning jewelry!)
  • Household Stuff: Another way I save a ton of money is by making my own laundry detergent AND dishwasher detergent. It is very gratifying to do, plus it isn't hard at all! STOP right there, I know what you're thinking... Does it work? YES! I have 2 boys and a mechanic husband... believe me it works! For like $6 I have laundry soap for 8 months or more!
  • Learn to Coupon: I am still in the early stages of this one, but I have already cut my household budget in half! I am hooked! Couponing is now how I fund my home renovations! Ania here is fabulous with frugality and there is a ton of info out there on couponing! Don't be intimidated... you don't have to buy 128 packs of gum :) Check out this guest post here at The Frugal Burqueno also!

Just Do-It-Yourself! I believe in YOU and I know you can do it! You've got a cheerleader in me! ~Misty
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  1. Misty, I love DIY projects and your cabinets renovation is spectacular! I'm looking forward to more frugal tips from you. Thanks for the blog post!

  2. Thanks for featuring this blog, Ania, I am now following! ~Heather @