Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Couponing in the Q - guest post

Photo courtesy of Couponing in the Q
One of my biggest joys since I started couponing has been cooking off of my stockpile! I used to spend Sunday mornings going over my cookbooks, finding recipes I wanted to make that week and make my shopping list from there. Occasionally I would look at an ad for sale prices, but most of the time I just bought items off of my pre-made shopping list. I was careful not to pay top prices for too many items and I may have saved a dollar here or there but since I began couponing I shop and cook completely differently.

Yesterday I wanted some lunch. I looked in my stockpile (full of items I’ve purchased with coupons at stock up prices) and found a few basic ingredients such as Zataran’s Yellow Rice and some evaporated milk. I knew I had chicken breasts in the freezer, so combining my ingredients, I then consulted my cookbooks. I found a simple recipe for chicken curry and voila I had lunch! I didn’t have to make a shopping list, leave the house and go to the store or spend any money! I simply opened up my stockpile doors, found some ingredients and had lunch made faster than I could have ordered take out!

There are many benefits to couponing, the biggest one being saving money. But there are also many other benefits such as convenience, peace of mind and being creative when cooking off of your stockpile!

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Written by Lisa Simmons


  1. @Lisa: Mmmmmm... chicken curry :-) sounds tasty--mind sharing that recipe ?

  2. Hi J, It was Yummy!!! The receipe is on the blog under The Menu Plan! Super easy! www.couponingintheq.com

  3. Thanks (and, duh, shoulda' checked the blog first) ! Looks fabulous & nice & simple... we'll be having it for dinner soon.

  4. So I know what's for dinner ;-)