Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi from Red River!

We're having a great weekend in Red River courtesy of My50-TV! We were one of the ski weekend winners who were invited to join our local TV station in Red River! We arrived on Friday night and got accommodated in the lovely Golden Eagle Lodge (thank you Marla making great arrangements for our baby and grandparents). This morning we watched the "Penguin Plunge" and got on our skis! I'm just a beginner but my husband is unbelievable! He took the ski lift to the very top of the mountain :-) He even went knee-deep in the hot tub with VJ Amber Pohl :-) We're looking forward to watching the fireworks and skiers carrying torches down the hill in the evening. The weather is perfect! We're getting all the freebies. This is an awesome win! Thank you My50-TV!

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