Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Join The Frugal Revolution!

Looking at Gerber baby food coupons :)
Calling all frugalistas out there! Come out of your shell, be proud of your way of life and come here to share your tips with us! I am so used to having my coupon binder with me when I go shopping now. At first, I was a bit shy about it but nowadays it actually makes me feel good :-) Even if I don't use any coupons I like knowing I have them categorized, updated and ready to use :-) 
If you have last Sunday's paper, you can read about some "Cheap Tricks" myself and other Albuquerqueans (like Payje and Lisa) do in order to save money. Thank you very much  Amanda from the Albuquerque Journal for featuring our story! I hope we can all come together and share the Burque's latest deals! Anyone?

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