Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Been One Year!

Hi there! I started this blog at the end of June 2011 so it's been over a year now! Did I manage to save some money? Certainly! I learned a lot about couponing. I figured out where to look for deals and I won many contests! My biggest prizes were: a dishwasher, a trip for 2 to Red River, a shower remodel and a check for $1000 ! For the money I won I decided to replace some windows in our house. It was barely enough to buy 3 windows but I'm still very happy with this investment :-) While blogging I met many wonderful people and that's the best part of having this site. I'd like to thank all my readers for their presence. You keep me going! I hope my second year as the Frugal Burqueno brings a lot of enjoyment in what I do :-) CHEERS! 
P.S. If you have any suggestions about what's missing on my blog, please email me :-) Thank you all again!

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  1. ANIA!!!! I can't believe I missed this post! So sorry! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are an amazing blogger and I'm happy to have met you! Much joy and success in your future!!!!