Monday, August 13, 2012

Thank you, Local Couponer!

We were going camping last weekend and thought of making s'mores over the campfire :-) I actually only had them once because I never heard of them when I lived in Europe. I often shop at Smith's that's located on the corner of Louisiana and Montgomery. It's close to my house and I find people working there really nice. But now I will also have a great opinion about local couponers who shop there. Why? I needed three ingredients to make smores: marshmallows (on sale), graham crackers (on sale) and some Hershey chocolate which was not on sale but some kind local person left me a $1.00 off coupon that was just about to expire :-) It was such a lovely gesture! I loved it! Thank you very much to whoever left it. You made me smile :-) From now on, if I have some good coupons I'm not gonna use and the expiration date is close, I'm gonna leave it on the product (underneath it or behind it) and I encourage you to do the same !
The s'mores were delicious and after coming back I tried to make them in a toaster oven ;-)

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