Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coupons Versus Healthy Lifestyle

Photo © J. Jordan 2006
If you've never seen Food, Inc. please take your time to watch this eye opening documentary! I will never be the same after seeing it :-) I thought I knew something about food industry but it was shocking to face the truth. We realized we really have to pay attention to where our food comes from and to buy as local as we are able to. From now on I read nutrition labels more carefully. I want healthy, honest, organic, chemical-free food! I want to be making better choices. I basically want to change the way I eat. I've always been a sucker for sweets. Chocolate and ice cream are my favorite treats :-) What I really have to focus on is eating more PROTEIN and more veggies! I've been eating well for two weeks and I already feel better in my body! I also lost some weight! Eating the way I want to eat is expensive. I am a couponer but I don't buy food that is bad for me even if it's very cheap. There's no point in charming yourself. For over two years we've been getting an organic harvest box from Skargard Farms. We had a medium box delivered every 2 weeks and now we changed it to once a week. From now on, I'm on a lookout for organic food coupons. I have become extremely picky about my food. I deserve it. How about you?

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