Monday, May 4, 2015

Frugal tip: Smith's

*** Smith's Food & Drug Stores ***

Sunday morning is a good time to shop at my local Smith's (Louisiana & Montgomery). I look for the Manager's Special on cheese and ripe bananas (that I use for smoothies). Score!
P.S. I always use my Smith's rewards card :)

What do you like buying at Smith's? 


  1. Smith's does have some great deals. I especially love the digital coupons (they actually have really good ones, even produce and meat occasionally), but my favorites are the Free Friday downloads where you can get an item completely free, no strings attached.

    Plus the rewards card, AND the gas points...the savings just seem to add up faster than at other stores.

    Great idea, using the bananas for smoothies! The marked down bananas are almost ALWAYS there!

  2. I think I may try to make some banana bread! I was at Smith's today, got some cheese again! I am planning to go there on Sunday, when I can go alone, with COUPONS :-) I like the customized coupons they send in the mail :-) Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! :-)